SaaS vendor management

With the increasing number of SaaS used by organizations, SaaS management has become complex and takes into account many parameters: usage, licenses, costs, compliance, security.

The first step is to have visibility into what is used, but each SaaS used has not always been approved.

The second step, therefore, consists in building a SaaS inventory that is approved in the organization. According to several criteria, each company can have its own SaaS validation strategy based on cost, contracts, integrations, compliance, etc.

With thousands of SaaS on the market that are easily accessible, it is essential to organize your SaaS Stack to:

  • offer an IT and security approved SaaS library

  • have a list of SaaS meeting the criteria of the organization

  • ensure that this inventory is available and known by all employees

The problem: SaaS Sprawl and lack of control over SaaS access can cause security, accessibility, and productivity issues.

The challenge: Organize a SaaS inventory consistent with the company's security strategy and the business needs of the teams.

Organizing your SaaS Inventory is the key stone of a secure cloud environmen for your organization. Automated and collaborative, the SaaS inventory helps IT and security teams to have a peace of mind for the SaaS Management.

Build a secure environment

Led your organization to the right and approved SaaS they can have access. Your SaaS inventory is always backed with data on usage, licenses, costs, etc. Allowing you to reduce security risk.

Streamline IT and SaaS operations

This process is all streamlined through Custodian, so no need to go back and forth in different platforms. In addition, Custodian gives the visibility on the progress of license requests, that allows you to build trust and transparency on your SaaS approval process

Empower the rest of the organization

Make your SaaS Inventory available to the rest of the organization through the Employee SaaS Store, and allow your employees to access to right tool and request licenses directly through the portal. Every information is centralized. Here is the bridge connecting the security and business needs.