Discover SaaS Shadow IT

Shadow IT caused by the proliferation of SaaS is a widespread problem in growing companies.

Let’s start with the problem. As companies grow, the number of SaaS being downloaded without permissions or knowledge of IT skyrockets exponentially. That action is called: Shadow IT.

The lack of visibility and monitoring causes considerable strain on IT teams. Having to simultaneously ensure the security of the organization, while supervising and distributing the right software to each employee, means they need a clear and simple way to discover and manage their internal network.

With hundreds of employees using different SaaS: through free trials, freemiums, or paid SaaS, without the IT and security teams' approval, the problem of visibility and monitoring is only intensified. Having the view and control of each of the SaaS used by each employee is nearly impossible and the process could quickly become a mess.

The problem: SaaS sprawl caused by Shadow IT or Rampant software being caused Shadow IT.

The challenge: Discovering, managing and identifying the SaaS being used in your company and creating scalable proactive steps to maintaining a secure SaaS Stack.

So, now let’s talk solutions.

A lot of companies use Excel sheets to maintain the visibility on the of their SaaS Stack. This may work but doing this manually is time-consuming and usually results in misinformation.

Having a way to automate the discovery of SaaS vendors, products and licenses being used in your organization, simplifies and enables you to have a more reliable visibility of your SaaS Stack. Collecting this valuable in real-time is the first step to managing SaaS across an organization.

Custodian helps you do all that and more!

SaaS Vendors and Products Discovery

Using a browser extension, you will be able to identify all the SaaS vendors and products used across your organization. You can automate the mapping of employees with vendors, products and licenses and discover where you can start making changes and optimize your SaaS Stack.

Manage SaaS Licenses and usage

Custodian gives you a clear overview of all the SaaS is your organization, so that you can start identifying authorized and unauthorized usage of SaaS vendors and products. In addition, your SaaS request management is now consolidated, so you can now easily allocate licenses and mitigate risky or unauthorized usage of SaaS.

Employee collaboration through an employee app store

The best way to lesson Shadow-IT is by going to the source of it. Custodians Employee-App Store mirrors your secure SaaS inventory to help you collaborate with your employees. Here they can browse SaaS you have approved, request access and review their current library. By creating these norms, you are paving the way to a cleaner, simpler and safer SaaS experience.