How Custodian works

Custodian helps you easily manage your SaaS and introduces collaborative best practices. We help you save time and reduce risk by having a simple license request process and building a library of safe-to-use SaaS for your organization. The final result: you save on costs now that you can easily audit usage and make data-informed decisions.

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SaaS Management

SaaS Discovery

This area will give you a real-time view of all of the SaaS being used in your organization. Audit the usage patterns, look deeper into each vendor and product and add the right ones directly into your secure SaaS inventory.

Secure SaaS Inventory

Build a home for your secure SaaS stack, keep on eye on all their contracts and begin identifying opportunities to save on licenses.

Users and Teams

Quickly search products used by employees, teams and more. Equip yourself with the information to optimize your future onboarding and offboarding experiences.

License requests

An optimized way to review and approve license requests. Only approve licenses that managers have authorised first. Leave feedback and keep track of all approved and unapproved requests.


Employee App Store

Each employee can easily access a secure app store from their browser extension, which mirrors your Inventory.

License requests visibility

Employees can now follow the process of their requests. Solving one of the biggest issues of why shadow IT exists.

SaaS Product Library

Employees can review their library of SaaS to make sure they have access to all the products they need and proactively remove them.

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