How it works

Make your SaaS Management more efficient and secure through the collaborative platform that helps IT teams to automate: SaaS Discovery, users and SaaS monitoring, SaaS Stack management.

Users & Groups settings

After connecting your Microsoft Account to Custodian, you will be able to import all your users and groups, based on the organization of your Active Directory. Thanks to synchronization with the Active Directory, groups, and users in Custodian are always up to date.

SaaS Configuration

Before configuring your SaaS, Custodian will automatically identify SaaS used by employees, thanks to browser extensions. After a few minutes, Custodian will display a list of discovered SaaS, which will be ready for configuration (validation status: approved / unapproved, number of licenses, etc.).

Request management

Requests and licenses management is possible thanks to two functionalities: the employee app store and the IT admin console. Through the employee app store, employees can apply for IT-approved SaaS access in a dedicated app store. The admin console allows IT teams to manage incoming requests, process them, and track their status.

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User Management

Manage your users, groups and teams in one-single place.


Custodian automates the Onboarding of new employees by adding them directly to the list of Custodian users. Then when they log in, Custodian gives them access to the Employee App Store, where they can select the SaaS they need. Before the arrival of the new employee, the IT team can also give him access to Saas directly via the admin console.

User & team management

Once your users are imported from your Active Directory, Custodian will create teams based on the groups of the Active Directory. To manage specific SaaS management cases, you can create teams and groups in Custodian, without changing the information in your Active Directory.


Offboarding is a process that needs follow-up and tracking. After removing the employee account from your AD, the information is directly integrated into Custodian. Then, the IT team will start the Offboarding workflow: deactivate the account, remove access, and licenses.

SaaS Stack

Have a complete visibility and follow-up on the SaaS used by your company

SaaS Discovery

The discovery of SaaS by Custodian is based on browser extensions. With this technology, Custodian automatically identifies the SaaS used and associates them with employees. Custodian collects and measures in real-time the SaaS used in your company, which gives you visibility and an exhaustive list always up to date.

SaaS Library

To cover all use cases, Custodian gives you access to a library of more than 10K+ known SaaS. This allows you to manually add the SaaS that you want to make available to your company, simply by searching our SaaS database and then add it in one click.

Bulk import

Some companies use Excel files to track SaaS, licenses, and users. Custodian offers the possibility to add information from Excel directly into the platform to keep the information you have already collected.

SaaS Management

Make your SaaS Management more efficient, collaborative and secure

Employee app store

The employee app store is an interface in which employees have access to IT-approved SaaS. This store allows employees to choose SaaS tailored to their needs, quickly and securely, while ensuring better monitoring and support for the IT team.

Approval workflow

To streamline IT operations, Custodian offers a collaborative workflow to make SaaS management more efficient. When an employee needs a SaaS, he requests through the employee app store, selects the SaaS he needs. Then, his manager (defined on the structure of your AD) must pre-validate the request and ensure that the request is relevant and meets a need. After the manager validation, the IT team processes the request and validates or denies the attribution of a SaaS license. With Custodian each key player is informed of the process status.

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