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The all-in-one SaaS management platform

Custodian is an all-in-one platform that empowers IT teams to more effectively manage their software through an automated SaaS Discovery and a collaborative SaaS Management involving IT, Procurement, Managers & Employees.

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How Custodian helps you better manage your software

Vendor and License Management

Companies are using hundreds or thousands of different software. From discovery to license management, Custodian gives visibility into the software lifecycle through the tracking system, and helps IT Teams to better manage SaaS vendors, products and licenses, in a one single place.

Complete Visibility and Control

Tracking and visibility on software, usage and licenses are a must-have to make the best decision for your business. Having visibility on your software inventory and status of your licenses allow you to take action on your software strategy, and then manage your software stack more effectively.

Collaborative workflows

Streamlining SaaS operations is essential to be able to manage hundreds of vendors, licenses or requests. By integrating employees, managers and IT teams within the same collaborative workflow, Custodian enables companies to be more efficient in the management and use of their SaaS. From the employee app store to the validation of the manager until the access validated by the IT.

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With a complete suite of tools

SaaS Discovery

The automatic SaaS Discovery system identifies and shows you thousands of different SaaS used in your company, in minutes. The platform will automatically identify users and associate them with the SaaS they use. With the active monitoring, you will have full and up-to-date visibility of the SaaS used in the company.

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Employee App Store

A catalog where employees can pick up approved tools or request new software and licenses. Giving a secured and approved SaaS store will make employees and teams more productive and engaged. More efficiency, less security risk.

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Admin console

The admin console offers to IT Admins a global view of software used by employees and teams. Rights & Access Management platform for every software used within the company will allow you to identify blind spots and take action on it: ensure only the right people have access to your software, assign or revoke licenses.

What's inside

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Custodian is part of the GSoft family, makers of ShareGate and trusted by 25 000 IT Admins worldwide.